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Our services focus on the development and delivery of high-quality software that perfectly fits your organisation, your people and your customers.

Software Development

We develop high-quality software using the best of breed, battle-tested Open Source technologies.

Software Architecture

We design future-proof software architectures as the foundation for software development projects.

Software Procurement

From requirements elicitation to acquisition. We help organisations choose the best software solutions.

Web Application Development

We build scalable, responsive web applications that are user-friendly and work on any device.

Data Engineering

Quickly turn raw data into actionalable insights by having us set up your data infrastructure and tooling.

Application Management

Focus on your core business by making use of our carefree application management services.

An excerpt of our work


Some of the type of projects we've worked on.

project image
Order and Partner Portal

We've architected and developed a wholesale order and partner portal with a throughput of thousands of orders per month, allowing hundreds of partners to resell products and services.

  • Goals To support white label and wholesale sales of products and services, to reduce the post sales workload by improving order input validation before entry into the CRM and to improve sales reporting.
  • Keywords Software Architecture Software Development Web Application Sales Reporting Wholesale Portal B2C
project image
Data Platform

We're building a web-scale data platform that can ingest and transform any volume and frequency of data, making the data queryable in real-time and allowing multi-purposing of the data with a simple-to-use data toolbox.

  • Goals To set up a scalable data platform that can handle any volume and frequency of data, to have this data be queryable in real-time, to provide developer friendly APIs and to have built-in GDPR compliance features.
  • Keywords Software Architecture SaaS Data Engineering Big Data Data Transformation Developer APIs GDPR Compliant
project image
Customer Portal

We've architected and developed customer portals that are used by thousands of users each day, allowing users to manage their services, preferences and more.

  • Goals To provide an additional level of service, to relief the helpdesk by providing self servicing features, to provide up-sell opportunities and to reduce costs by digitising paper communication.
  • Keywords Software Architecture Software Development Web Application Mobile Application Customer Service Up-Selling Cost Reduction

And brands we've worked for.

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